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Four Days With A Ghost

by Sandman Kelley

The following experience changed me for life.

On May 05 of 2003 I came into contact with a spirit that decided he was going to spend some time with me. The experience was both wonderful and terrible at the same time. I spend much of my time in areas that contain a high degree of paranormal activity.

On retrospect I suppose that the events that transpired were to be expected at some point. We had just entered a local cemetery to conduct a recording session. As I was exiting my vehicle I felt as though something had grabbed my ankle. Not wanting to jump to any conclusions I dismissed it as something less than paranormal.

We set up our equipment as usual and began to talk among ourselves. Unknown to me at the time was that I had already recorded an evp less than two seconds after I had engaged the record button. I think that showed incredible intelligence on the part of the spirit. He recognized the function of the equipment and he was waiting for me to start the device. His message was plain and simple. "You told me".

It is my belief that he was referring to the fact that I usually explain to the spirits that the devices we use on our sessions allow for brief periods of communication between our world and theirs. After returning home odd things began to happen. I witnessed an object being thrown from an end table halfway across the room. On another occasion I had left the room only to find that when I had returned certain objects had been thrown about the room.

I do not feel that the spirit was attempting to be hostile. I feel that he was simply doing these things to be noticed. He succeeded. These occurrences did not bother me. The disturbing part would occur while I was asleep. Strange images and feelings that I could never accurately relate to you. Almost as though he was showing me what he was seeing. Strange colors that flowed like sound vibrations engulfing everything in sight. It was as though I was hearing the colors and seeing the sounds. I felt unbelievable emotions.

Emotions that didnít exist....When I would wake. I was exhausted. This went on for four days. The experience was overwhelming. It was tearing me apart. My mind was being subjected to things it was unable to process. I think that he knew this and ended it out of respect and concern for what he was doing to me. I donít know who he was but I hope that he has found peace!


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