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Gallagher's Woods: An Experience

by Sandman Kelley

Gallagher Woods Cemetery: An Experience

The cemetery in question has had a considerable history that dates back many years. The location is shrouded with local folklore and urban legends. I have experienced many unusual happenings there while on research sessions trying to unlock the mysteries of the paranormal.

One of the most unusual would have to be the phantom music that has occurred there on two separate occasions. An eerie beating of drums that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. Tonightís research session started out rather typical. I was leading a small group of observers into this local paranormal hotspot. We set up the equipment and were having the usual conversations.

Then we heard it...the drums were beating. This put the group on edge and a little paranoia began to set in. We listened as the music progressed and then faded away. The scene was eerily calm and everyone was waiting for the echo of the drums to resume. At that instant there was a sound from the forest. We were uncertain as to what itís source was. After that came a loud snort.

My first thought was that we were about to encountered a rutting buck or some other type of forest dwelling creature.. To our surprise a large dog emerged from the woods. He circled the group never taking his eyes from us. We did not think much of this at first. Our first thought was that he was a stray from a nearby farm. To tell you the truth we do not know what he was.

After he had made about three revolutions we began to hear sounds in the forest. We came to the realization that whatever it was had us completely surrounded. It was at this point that many of the onlookers were asking to leave and I felt that this was the most prudent action. We made our way slowly back to the vehicle but the dog had other ideas.

As we grew closer to our transportation the animal grew closer to us. We did not know what the intentions of this very large canine were and we really did not want to know. As we finally made it back into the safety of the vehicle it became obvious that the dog was very upset that we had departed. He began barking, yelping and carrying on. I was anxious to get back to my computer to upload the photographs that I had taken of our unexpected visitor.

To my camera had not photographed any dog. It would appear that when I was snapping shots of this mysterious animal. I was only photographing an empty cemetery...Gallagher Woods Cemetery. As you have now no doubt determined. That was a very unusual and highly charged situation. Upon reviewing the tape there were two evpís discovered. One of which I found to be very disturbing.

It said simply "Nobody here is going home". The other disturbing aspect was that once we had made our way to the vehicle and were headed safely down the road I felt the need to take a few photographs of the interior of the vehicle if only to see what may develop...something did. In the reflection of the windshield was the dog!


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