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Welcome to the official website of Society of the D.E.A.D. Please feel free to look at our large selection of evp's and articles. Pics and vids coming soon. Please feel free to post in the message board. Promote but do not spam. Friends/Affiliats at bottom of page.

Society of the D.E.A.D. was formed in April of 2002 with the goal of unlocking the mysteries of the paranormal with an eye on science rather than superstition.

Our group has a project in the planning stages that you may find interesting. It is our intention to be on the North Atlantic Ocean on the spot where the great luxury liner RMS Titanic sank. We shall be there on April 14 th of 2010. The 98th anniversary of the sinking.

Our plan is to record any paranormal phenomenon that may still exist on that spot of the ocean. As I am sure you are aware...great tradegy leaves a paranormal fingerprint. If successful, we hope to record the first evp's...(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)...from this location.

Our investigation will not be limited to audio research. There are many factors to be considered so we will be operating a variety of detection equipment.

While our primary avenue of research is science we will also have a number of "sensitive" individuals that will employ their skills in the detection of a paranormal presence. Our plan is to be on board two small launches about five hundred yards away from the vessel that transported us but the sea may prove to be too rough to accommodate us.

If that is to be the case then we will conduct our work from the vessel that transported us. We also plan to have an internet feed and satellite phone so that we can have direct input from those that have been following our work over the years.

This research session will provide a number of challenges that my group will be unaccustomed to but we are taking steps to over come these difficulties. First and foremost will be the issue of the massive amount of electronic equipment that we use and the fact that this enviorment will be less than ideal. Batteries tend to have a very short period of active life due to freezing temperatures and the laptops will be subject to similiar shortcomings.

These are minor problems which shall be overcome long before we set out on this ground breaking experiment. We plan to start this session fifteen minutes prior to the time which the great liner struck the iceberg and it shall conclude fifteen minutes after she went down. To conclude our time on the water we shall place more than 1500 white roses into the water. One for each victim.

Afterward our course will not take us back to New York Harbor. We intend to travel to Halifax where many of the Titanic victims are buried. We shall conduct similar research there. We have other interesting trips planned as well. A year after the Titanic Endeavor Tour we plan to travel into the center of the Bermuda Triangle and the year after that we will be in London, England in the White Chapel District...among others...where Jack the Ripper took his victims. We hope that you will follow our progress. Please feel free to contact us for whatever the reason may be.

Remember...when the dead speak...we listen!



The Dead Talk We Listen

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