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A Brief Look At Our Team Logo

by David A. Burnsworth

The funky little design that you are feasting your eyes on would be the official Society of the D.E.A.D. team logo. It has been previously unprinted in the first two issues of our newsletter due to space constraints.

A bit of an explanation is needed though to do it justice. This logo represents our team and our goal's as a group. Above all, our main goal is to engage and speak with the dead. With that having been said I will now explain each part of the logo and it's meaning. Each shape and color represents something physical and symbolic. The green circle is meant to represent life. Green seemed like an obvious choice because it embodies life. After all, when was the last time you saw a brown healthy plant.

It is positioned above the red line. The red line represents the border between life and death. Red was the color of choice here because it represents life as we know it and the blood that flows in each and everyone of us. When we pass from life to death our blood flow stops and therefore the flow of life within us stops as well.

That takes us to the blue circle. This circle represents those of us who have crossed the border into death. Now you may be asking yourself what is the significance behind the gray line. This, put simply, is meant to represent the line of communication that can be established between the living and the dead.

It is not widely accepted as a legitimate form of science which causes it to be relegated into the gray area of understanding. It is also bent and distorted because this represents the way many evp's are heard during playback.

The line or path between these worlds, at least from the spirit's point of view can be rough and not easily traveled. It takes considerable energy to get a message down this path to our plain of existence. Thank you for reading.

David A. Burnsworth

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